5 ways to solve the problem of FMWhatsApp not ringing

Sometimes you unlock your phone and open FMWhatsApp to find an unknown call, but it doesn't ring. Have you tried turning on the sound for incoming calls but still can't fix the problem? Don't worry. Most people have already found the problem that made my FWhMatsApp not ringing. We have listed 5 ways to fix the problem of FMWhatsApp not ringing. You can solve this problem we have listed.

5 ways to solve the problem of FMWhatsApp not ringing

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Disable the do not disturb option.

If you have Do Not Disturb enabled, all incoming calls will not ring even if you have enabled the incoming ringtone and media ringtone. You have to check in the settings if the Do not disturb option is activated. If it works, turn off the switch.

Clear the cache

The longer you use your phone and applications, the more media files of all kinds are created. They can take up storage space on your phone and affect the speed of your apps. They can also cause apps to stop working when your phone runs out of memory. Therefore, you should clear your phone's cache and recycle garbage can in time. 3.

Restart your phone.

I think most people use this method when they have problems with their phone. If your FWhMatsApp doesn't ring, you can also try restarting your phone. It is possible that your phone has taken a nap.

Reinstall FMWhatsApp

It is possible that some of the FMWhatsApp files have become corrupted, causing problems with some functions. If FMWhatsApp is not the latest version, you can uninstall and reinstall it.

Update your WhatsApp or mobile device.

Using the old version may cause errors, so it is necessary to create new versions. You can solve this problem by updating FMWhatsApp. If that doesn't work, you can also update your mobile device.